FUNDTRIBUTE Investments, established in 2002, is a European-based global engineering and investment firm that brings about investments across multiple asset classes including private equity, energy, infrastructure, real estate, capital markets, credit strategies, and hedge funds.

As investors with an industrialist dream, we aim to create striking investment returns by following a persistent and methodical approach, commissioning high-quality engineers and investment professionals, pursuing the utmost values of excellence, and arrange in a line our interests with those of all our investment allies and associates.

In addition, FUNDTRIBUTE Investments assists its portfolio companies and clients by providing custom-made engineering construction design and capital markets advice in developing and executing both customary and nontraditional capital markets and industrial solutions for investments and companies pursuing financing and engineering design and construction.

Our balance sheet is an unusual asset and provides us with the capability to embark on professional engineering services and compel substantial capital side by side with our clients, fund investors, develop new investment strategies, underwrite investment opportunities, make investments on our own behalf.

When clients collaborate with FUNDTRIBUTE Investments, they profit from the engineering and investment skill and knowhow of the entire firm. When suitable, all of FUNDTRIBUTE Investments’ dealings work together on behalf of all of the investors in our funds. Our investment partners have access to years of financial and working experience, comprehensive regional and industry engineering expertise, perception into global macro and geopolitical developments, and a prevailing network of global relationships — both inside and outside of FUNDTRIBUTE Investments.

Through a cohesive approach across our firm, we work diligently with the investors and engineering experts and professionals in the regions to make available innovative industrial and financial solutions and investment vehicles that unsurpassed fit their respective prerequisites and essentials.