FUNDTRIBUTE Investments has built a leadership position in the energy market, and today our energy business spans the globe and covers the full energy supply chain.

We believe significant opportunities for investment exist in energy and natural resources. We have combined FUNDTRIBUTE Investments’ sourcing capabilities, industry experience and financial strength with the expertise of professionals who possess the technical skill sets needed to achieve our goals in these areas.

Highly-experienced in working with complex and regulated businesses, we have been a key participant in the stakeholder engagement process. We regularly collaborate with policymakers and other key constituents to develop policies that will attract capital to the energy industry and help either build or rebuild energy infrastructure around the world.

Energy investments provide strong opportunities for positive environmental and social impacts, such as helping to achieve domestic energy independence and contributing to new job creation and economic growth. Our activities in the energy sector necessitate that we regularly assess Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) in Energy-related impacts that may affect our stakeholders and the success of our operations. As we have gained experience in managing ESG risks and opportunities in our energy investments, we have come to understand how they can affect long-term performance.

Capital Markets

FUNDTRIBUTE Investments supports our portfolio companies and clients by providing tailored engineering and capital markets advice and developing and implementing both traditional and nontraditional capital and industrial solutions for investments and companies seeking financing. We leverage the intellectual capital, industry expertise, and our global network to deliver the full capabilities of our firm. Our clients include multi-national corporations, public and private companies, and financial sponsors. FUNDTRIBUTE Investments is an important resource to our private equity business and assists our portfolio companies with financing and capital structure improvement.

We provide our capital markets clients with differentiated access to capital through our distribution platform. We focus on the most active mutual funds, pension funds, sovereign wealth funds, and hedge funds globally. Close interaction and coordination with these investors provides FUNDTRIBUTE Investments with enhanced market intelligence and advice, structuring, and execution.

As of June 30, 2015, FUNDTRIBUTE INVESTMENTS Capital Markets has a platform of over 40 investment professionals globally across debt and equity financing. We focus on providing a full array of capital markets and industrial solutions to address a client’s complex needs, providing principal and/or capital markets solutions to middle-market and industry-focused clients.